This works!

I wanted this to work on my under eyes, but hadn’t really noticed any change after a couple of weeks, but then happened to look at the droopy skin on my eyelids and it wasn’t droopy anymore! I was amazed! I think my under eye puffiness is from sleeping on my side (because when I consciously don’t, there’s no puffiness) but to have found something that works SO EFFECTIVELY on my eyelids is fantastic. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now and notice my eyelids drooping if I don’t use it for a day or two, so it needs consistency, but that’s ok! I’m 61 now and was recently told by a beautician when I asked her to guess my age that I appeared to be in my 40s because that’s when fine lines begin to show around the eyes! How good is that! I don’t have lines either! I couldn’t be happier with how this eye cream works.

Margaret Mott

"I am so thrilled with the results of this product! I am 58 years old and I had tried ALL the creams and products out there with no real change. Then I found Platinum Bee Venom Serum. Wow!
I actually can see changes of healthier, less wrinkled skin. My face and neck feel nourished all day and night.
Thank you for this wonderful, working product!
I'm going to try more of your products as I feel you are trustworthy people.  Again my thanks."
Pam R

    "I love this product I have been using it for quite some time, I have found that fine lines have disappeared. I love the feel of this serum on my skin it is far superior to any cream that I have used in the past."

Andrea H


"I use Platinum Bee Venom morning and night. I have used it since You brought it out. The silky-ness feeling on my skin is lovely plus it works. Thank You Tranquillity Skin Care *****


Platinum Bee Venom Serum

"Love this product. I have been using it now for 2 months - eyes feel totally refreshed and skin is much more smooth and soft,
with lines being less noticeable. (I am 56).
I have even been using the serum around the laughter lines around my mouth and on my neck.
This product comes well recommended."

Pam G

Platinum Bee Venom Serum

    "Amazing product , I love the way it feels on my skin I also like the subtle scent of the cream.
 I am starting to notice a difference already. 😊"

Celia A, USA

Banish Puffy Eye Cream

This is my third purchase of this excellent product, I’m really pleased. Great Customer Service too


Banish Puffy Eye Cream

This product really works! Thank you very much! I'll definitely buy again!


Banish Puffy Eye Cream

 I love this product I ran out and boy did I notice the difference!

Ms H  

Pure Gold Anti Wrinkle Serum Rave Review

Brilliant stuff! Knocks at least 5 years off my appearance! Thank you


Rave Review
I love your products and my friends do not believe my age ( I will be 70 next year) as I do not have any crows feet or wrinkles since using Tranquillity products. 
Even my boyfriend thinks I am his age (I didn’t actually lie though) and he is 48. Would not be without your little tubes of pure magic!

*As with many of our Customers, Customer wishes to remain anonymous

Rave Review 
for Youth Vive and Retinol Cream

“I have been using Youth Vive and Retinol Cream for months now, and I have seen a great improvement in my skin, especially around my eyes, forehead and mouth area, they are smoother and less lined.
I am 65 and I was told I looked 50, not long ago.  
I am thrilled with this skin care”


Pure Gold Anti Wrinkle Serum .  Amazing product! Love this product it takes years off my face!

Swiss Ultra Eye lift Serum.  I am very pleased with this product, it goes on very well, not greasy, and sinks into skin quite quickly. Haven’t been using this for long but I am very pleased with the results so far. I would definitely recommend this Swiss Apple eye serum for dark circles and puffiness.

Cleanse perfect.  I simply love your cleansing cream, skin feels lovely and clean and fresh and a little goes a long way.

Cleanse perfect.  My skin looks so clean and feels so soft after using this cleanser. Both I and my sister are changing to your skin products - they are superb. fab cleanser

Banish Puffy Eye Cream. This product really works!Thank you very much!I'll definitely buy again!

Marine Collagen Anti Wrinkle Serum.  Just the boost I need. Love this collagen serum, it sinks into my skin beautifully and my lines appear softer, this is my second bottle and will definitely be ordering more. 😆😆😆

Intense Drench Forte Serum.  Great product.  Have been using this for over a year now and my skin has never looked so good, hope you continue to keep it in Stock! Its brilliant.

Pure Gold Night Cream.  Leaves skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. I have used this product many, many times and with good reason. I apply it at night and I only use it as my bedtime face moisturiser. Providing you don't over do the amount you apply then it is lightweight and soaks in quickly. I find that in the morning my face looks and feels refreshed and revitalised. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and it lasts a long while, depending on the amount you apply obviously. So I, personally, think that this moisturiser is good value for money.


Intense Drench Forte Serum.  Hydrates skin immediately. I've been using this serum for about 5 years, a few times iv switched to a different serum, every other serum iv tried has never come close to the Intense Drench Forte Serum, it hydrates my skin immediately and I see visible results after only a couple of weeks. Love this product.

Banish Puffy Eye Cream is a miracle. I had deep hollows under my eyes with some fat globs that sat at the bottom of the bag. This product made that all go away. This is one product that I cannot do without.


Pure Retinol Vitamin C Cream.  Amazing product. One of the best mosturisers I've ever used my skin looks so different fuller and more youthful ! Can't reccomend enough!

.Pure Retinol Vitamin C Cream. Since using this product the quality of my skin has improved so much, the lines on my face are not so deep and my face looks much smoother in fact I can go without make up now and still look good. I can certainly recommend retinol vitamin c cream, by the way my age is 69 and my skin has never looked so good.

Pure Retinol Vitamin C Cream.  This is one of the very best anti-ageing creams I've ever used! Simply fabulous.

Pure Retinol Vitamin C Cream.  This is a lovely cream but not too thick and rubs in well. It doesn't leave any kind of residue, almost matte if anything. I haven't been using this long enough to see any huge changes but I know my skin is definitely a little better and people say I look well. I would buy again and look at their other products and I do feel great value for money.


Pure Retinol Vitamin C Cream.  Since using this product the quality of my skin has improved so much, the lines on my face are not so deep and my face looks much smoother in fact I can go without make up now and still look good. by the way my age is 69 and my skin has never looked so good.

Syn-Age Reverse Snake Venom Serum. Leaves skin lovely and soft

Banish Puffy Eye Cream. I love this puffy eye cream.  I have tried lots of different ones and not made any difference.  I have just bought my second it.

Banish Puffy Eyes.  Love this product, not irratant for my sensitive eyes.
Have purchased several  times, delivery good

Youth Vive Serum.  The best I've ever used I love it

Banish Puffy Eye Cream.  I have been using this product for a short period of time (2 weeks) and have already noticed a reduction in the puffiness under my eyes. I am very pleased and will never go a day without it

Total Recover Eye Lift Serum.  thank you i will keep using your product :) it goes a long way :) it is already starting to remove my  dark circles from under my eyes and puffiness is getting better. despite me having sinus issues :) :)

Swiss Ultra Eye Lift Serum.  Incredibly effective
I felt always hesitant in believing that creams could really be effective by giving the desired results. Well, I wanted to test this product and with a simple application I have eliminates problems and embarrassment. Many thank's.

Banish Puffy Eye Cream.  Brilliant
I love this puffy eye cream.  I have tried lots of different ones and not made any difference.  I have just bought my second it.

Banish Puffy Eye Cream.  Does  everything  it should  and more

Banish Puffy Eye Cream. Excellent only cream that works for me
I have bags under my eyes and have tried loads of creams ...this is the only cream that works for me and although it's a bit expensive initially you only need a tiny amount so it last a very long time

Can tell from first application that my skin loves this product and will definitely buy again!!
i cant believe its took me so long to find your shop ! but so glad that i did!

The advanced dark circles cream really works, Im Asian with dark circles,
80% reduced, use twice daily excellent!

About our Advanced Dark Circles Cream: Amazing Eye Cream!
I've traded my Elemis for this.


I have suffered from really dark circles since childhood and have tried many products.
 I decided to do research and realized the advanced dark circles cream contains
 main ingredients for dark circle removal.
I tried this for just 30 days and saw big improvement

I started receiving compliments for my skin soon after I started using your products.
 After a while, a couple of people thought I was about 35 and just a few days ago,
I was consulting with a lady attorney and she looked at me surprised and said
"I thought you were about 32!" I will soon turn 44 and
I know for a fact that your products work!
Thank you very much for making them available at such good prices!

Advanced Dark Circle Cream. This eye cream does exactly what it's supposed to, smoothes and lifts the eye area. Little bit pricey but it's worth it.

Since I have personally been using your products  and love them!
I felt like they were the one skin care line that I would absolutely present our clients with confidence.
 I have used many (and I mean MANY, MANY!!)
but I have to admit that yours is without question, far superior to any, mine included.
Short of injections and surgery, yours are the best products on the market
(I feel very qualified to say so given that I practiced as a Plastic Surgery nurse
and first assistant surgical nurse in plastics for over a decade).

my wrinkles have gone! Great product...botox (Volumoxy)
in a bottle! lovely product to use and i will buy again.

Love the product and better than anything sold in the US.
This serum is seriously amazing taken 10 years off me, i will be back for more ! 

hi, just had to email you as, i have to say i did think how is this going do
 do all these things that were stated about these pillowcases,
but i was wrong my skin is lovely when i wake up have seen any sleep marks yet either ,
 but the biggest shock was the wonderfull sleep i have,
i never sleep through the night i have to get up to use the bathroom,
 but i sleept for 8 hours the other night havent done that in years so something has
 happend so many thanks for this they say you get what you pay for,
 iv had your face creams and they very good to many thanks!!!

Hi It is not very often these days that I feel the need to say thank you to a Company
 for providing quality items at an excellent price and super fast delivery.
I am so delighted with both my face and eye serum,
 they have had a dramatic impact and I'm receiving some incredible compliments!
They are superb and I will certainly be back for more when they run out.
 As delighted I was with the initial impact on my skin
 I cannot tell you how much improved it is with using the silk pillowcase!
This item is an absolute dream, not only does my face feel even better in the morning,
 my hair is incredibly smooth and silky. What a fantastic difference,
I never thought it possible but it is.

I will definitely be recommending this pillowcase, along with the
already highly spoken of serums, to all of my friends.
 Thank you once again for some fabulous items. I'll be back! Kind regards

Hi I have been pleased with the Gold Serum and in fact have used it for a while.
 I recently had a facial and the beautician was very impressed with my skin and thought
 i was 10 years younger than my age (so good on us eh).
I am going to try the Youth Re-surge Serum just to see how it works for me.
 I am very pleased to have found you and your products. T
hank you again. Take care Warmest regards

Hi, I have been using this product for two years and I simply can't go without it.
It has worked wonders to my face...really, I'm 41 and many people think I'm still in my late 20's.
This product has been my secret of youthful skin for these past years.

One of our Customers had 'desert dry skin' (in her own words)
and had tried many other products before she came to us for help and advice.
After using all our products for a few months we received this email:

 I was just going to order this afternoon. I wanted to let you know I went to have my face looked at
and have a very mild TCA peel. While they were looking at my face they said that
 my skin was in very good shape.
 They asked what I had been using and I was very proud to say Tranquillity Skincare. Pure Gold 
in the morning and trying out your different Serums at night.
 However I love the Pure Gold the best.
They said what ever I am doing keep doing it.
So,  People are asking me what I am doing, my skin looks so good and
 it is all because you took the time to talk with me.
You will forever be in my thoughts for your kindness that you shared with me.


Absolutely the very best. After trying one anti aging product after another,
this Serum cannot be beat. It's easy, it works, and it's inexpensive.
 I asked a friend to feel my face to see how smooth it felt, and the answer was
"I don't have to feel it, I can see it". It glows, it shines,
 it's extremely supple and radiant. I guarantee if you try it,
 you will throw everything else you are using to rid of your wrinkles away.

Hi I am absolutely thrilled with the skin care. I can notice a difference and my husband
actually commented this weekend about how nice 'my face looked'.
What a find considering I stumbled onto you on the web.

I really love your Pure Gold and Swiss Apple and you could actually use my pic as your ad.
I'm 53 and now my wrinkles are literally disappearing. Friends thought I resorted to botox --
 which I will never (I'm a chicken). What lovely products you have at prices I can afford.

Hi After using only for 1 week I was told by a stranger that I looked radiant!

i am a real person who lives in las vegas,nv and my skin is dry,dry,always irritated tight and flaky
to where i cant wear foundation because i peel even with powder.
i dont have a lot of money to spend on creams,but i (gambled)and tried your products.
 their advice is fantastic and will help your with what you need and they
dont try to force sell u, which is totally amazing. thank you!! i want to say more
 but i really cant put it into not sure if this gets posted or what,
 but if it does, this is for anyone who reads this..its totally amazing.

Hi Have used the serum twice and am already very impressed.
Also what a beautiful container ... made me smile as it reminded me of the film comedy
with Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her where she is handed the 'elixir of eternal youth'
which glows in a beautiful phial. This serum must be the next best thing!

I saw my mother yesterday the crows feet around the eye area were very deep
 guess what they are not as deep now her skin looks much better its great.

Hello Thanks again for transforming my skin I feel great and it’s thanks to you
and your wonderful products I am completely transformed and
 would never ever use nothing else on my skin again.

Hi thought i would just let you know how i am doing my skin is clear and
soft in most places  the lines and crow feet and the frown lines are improving.

Hello I've been using the serum and this moisturiser and so far I've been pleased with the results.
 I definitely feel a tightening effect after I've put them on my face & neck.
I ordered 3 serums but the moisturiser will obviously run out before the serum.

Hi I’m 45 and for the last few years, especially since losing about 2 stone,
 the skin on my face has began to sag and lines began to appear,
I have just about tried every cream there is, lifting serums included,
 (names of well known brands removed by Tranquillity Skincare).
 the expensive elixers helped a little, but short lived,
 now I find your instant face lift serum is exactly just what I’ve been wanting
from a treatment, it is the only serum that has lived up to
my high expectations and most important,  it does exactly what it is said to do,
I’m over the moon with it after such a short time,
and am really looking forward to the long term benefits,
no more searching for the miracle serum for me – I’ve found it!

Superb! have been using months now and skin is radiant! No. 1 product! 

The above are our Customer experiences