All about Amazing Retinol
Retinol is an amazing revitalizing and rejuvenating skin care ingredient
 hailed by Cosmetologists for its super ability to enhance the skin’s appearance
creating healthy, younger and fresher radiant looking skin giving it a healthy glow.
Hailed as a 'miracle' ingredient It has amazing abilities
to help the skin fight environmental stress and
can help combat dryness.

Retinol is one of few substances with the ability to reach
the deeper layers of the epidermis.
Once there, it repairs and stimulates collagen and elastin
growth to create firmer, smoother skin.
Retinol also speeds cell turnover and exfoliation by stimulating cell growth,
sloughing off dead skin cells allows new fresh healthier cells to appear.
The result is super radiant new softer skin, smaller appearing pores and
 diminishing signs of sun-damage like age spots and blotchiness. 

 The Super Benefits of Retinol 

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
An effective antioxidant and skin cell regulator 
Has the ability to enhance the performance of older cells
so that the act in a more youthful way 
Can improve skin density, skin elasticity, tone and texture and
 improve skin’s overall appearance. 
Can help diminish age spots
Help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. 
Works in the deeper layers of the epidermis and
can help repair deep wrinkles and chronological age damage. 
Can help firm skin and soften its appearance 
Dead cells will be slough off as new cells begin to grow underneath and
push their way towards the surface of the skin. 
Pigmentation will begin to look more even. 
The skin appears fresher clearer and more radiant looking
Super Hydrating 
May help diminish acne and other skin related concerns used long term
It helps protect collagen as well as promoting healthy collagen growth 
Regular use of Retinol will make the skin smooth and soft. 
Stimulates collagen production
Anti oxidant 
Can make pore size appear smaller.
Even more good news, Retinol is great for the under eye area.

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    Ms JP
"Since using this product the quality of my skin has improved so much,
the lines on my face are not so deep and my face looks much smoother
 in fact I can go without make up now and still look good.
I can certainly recommend retinol vitamin c cream,
 by the way my age is 69 and my skin has never looked so good"