Platinum Bee Venom Serum

Platinum Bee Venom Serum

Platinum Bee Venom Serum is a innovative highly developed formula that visibly revitalises and renews tired, weary looking and lined skin, helping it to look revived, less lined, less tired, deeply moisturised and hydrated, youthful and uplifted. 

 The multiple effective active ingredients work in synergy for a remarkable noticeable difference in the appearance of the skin. We have seen amazing results from this product.

What is Platinum peptide?

Platinum peptide is an anti-aging ultra-luxury and efficacious peptide that restores and increases skin elasticity and firmness, helping prevent signs of ageing.  It offers a higher performance than most anti ageing peptides, imparting immediate lifting, smoothed, healthier, more hydrated, re-structured including shimmering optical properties.

This amazing revolutionary peptide works by its unique delivery system that combines the luxury of precious platinum with the efficacy of collagen boosting peptides. These extremely effective anti-aging peptides act as super collagen builders so necessary to collagen depleted and tired thin skin. 

Matrixyl 3000 – that Magic ingredient!

What can we say about Matrixyl 3000?  We know that it came to the attention of the press in 2013, when few skincare manufacturers were using it we, Tranquillity Skincare were already incorporating this fabulous ingredient into most of our products. This amazing magic ingredient is present in Platinum Bee Venom Serum and works in super synergy with the ultra luxury anti wrinkle Platinum peptide with amazing results. 

Bee Venom

Helps smooth fines lines and small wrinkles.

In addition we have incorporated the super Vitamin C that promotes even skin tone and helps to correct sun damage. 

Plus Cube3 Hyaluronic Acid.  

 What on earth is Cube3 Hyaluronic Acid? Cube3 is a super long lasting hydrator and increases skin moisture, it acts as an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firming and filler helping uplift and relieve tired, aging skin and combats dehydration and loss of elasticity.

  ​​​​​Key Benefits:

Bee Venom: Plumps and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C: at 2% helps fight environmental stress, promotes more even skin tone and corrects sun damage. 

Sodium Hyaluronate: Long lasting hydration and moisturising.

Revitalises the skin and rebuilds the skin barrier.

Tired and aging skins are directly related to the appearance of surface irregularities and small wrinkles. Besides internal factors (genetics, lifestyle), other parameters such as dehydration or loss of elasticity have to be considered


Sodium Hyaluronate. Cube3 acts as an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, firming, filler, extender, binder and film forming agent. Cube3 is a biotechnological ingredient that reproduces a specific spectrum of molecular weight, with a targeted focus on skins at a particular physiological step (homeostasis or stress). Used in decorative cosmetics, facial make-up, lip products and facial care products.

Bee venom helps plump and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

a quick lifting effect elasticity, smoothness, wrinkleless, depth of wrinkles, synthesis of neo-elastin, improvement of skin aspects 

a quick penetration of actives enhanced skin penetration of both liposoluble or hydrosoluble ingredients 

a quick moisturization better epidermis health, barrier effect, moisturization


Apply to cleansed face, neck and decolette twice a day


Platinum, Bee Venom  and the clinically proven magic ingredient Matrixyl 3000

Contains multiple fabulous ingredients to help keep your skin youthful looking and amazing!

How can Platinum help my skin?  Platinum is is a revolutionary delivery system that combines the luxury of precious platinum with the efficacy of collagen boosting peptides. These extremely effective anti-aging peptides act as collagen boosters that are necessary to keep your skin young and healthy looking and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

Bee Venom stimulates production of collagen and elastin. It has an amazing anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial property.

Matrixyl™ 3000 is the magic breakthrough anti wrinkle ingredient clinically proven to boost collagen and removes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles causing your skin to look youthful.

Not all Hyaluronic Acid is the same! CUBE3® is a fantastic and unique super 3 in 1 hydrating ingredient which visibly smoothes, redensifies skin and quickly improves and shows an immediate lifting effect, along with Hyaluronic Acid provides deep and lasting skin hydration.

Vitamin C is a lightening brightening complex creating healthier more restored and revived younger looking skin. Reduces the look uneven pigmentation.  Promotes the synthesis of collagen helping to increase skin suppleness. It also offers sunlight protection, scavenging free radicals reducing skin roughness and inflammation.

Seabuckthorn Oil is rich antioxidant properties, carotenoids, essential minerals and omega 6.

Jeju Organic Camellia Oil; this amazing super Japanese oil has multiple functions such as anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing effects. Natural Jeju Organic Camellia Oil can help soothe to dry skin and helps maintain skin flexibility.  

Plus much more!


Do not use if allergic to bee stings

5 stars based on 5 reviews
"This serum has taken 10 years off my face, my skin looks hydrated and smooth and I love the comments I am receiving!"
"My skin feels totally quenched and like velvet, it would be great to soak my whole body in it!"
"3 Syllables - FAB-U-LOUS! Review by Rachel"
"I can't get enough of this serum, it is light and sinks into my skin, I'm over 60 with a combination skin and I don't like using moisturiser, this is great for my skin. I love it!"
"The serum is very light and easily absorbed, my skin feels very nourished and moisturised, I'm really impressed! "