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Why Oxygen is vital to the skin

As we age oxygen levels begin to lower in our skin and by our 60s the level of oxygen in our skin is less than 50%.
In addition air pollution lowers the overall level of oxygen in the skin through the environment.  
This loss of oxygen causes poor cell respiration as well as skin dehydration,
dull looking skin and uneven skin tone and this in turn causes lines and wrinkles.

Oxygen is vital for your skin’s metabolism and skin renewal.

The special oxygen ingredient in our 
Volumoxy Youth Serum and our Youth Lift Oxy Eye Serum
helps oxygenate the skin and
has long-term effects due to its capacity to supply oxygen to the skin
delivering a less lined, hydrated, toned, desirable healthy looking complexion

Volumoxy Youth Serum
is one of our most effective wrinkle resisting serums.
Super Volumoxy Revolutionary Youth Serum 
addresses multiple ageing signs
and is like oxygen in an airless bottle.
and bring your skin back to LIFE

with our oxygenating
Volumoxy Youth Serum.

Feel and look years younger helps super charge your skin with oxygen helping skin younger and fresher.
Immediately replaces precious lost Oxygen allowing cells to breathe normally
leading to much better skin appearance - Volumoxy 02 in a bottle!

This precious oxygen ingredient immediately improves the skin appearance and
skin’s uptake of oxygen, allow cells to breathe normally. It refreshes their biological functions,
leading to much better skin appearance.

Used over time it increases skin volume and general improvement of the skin


Lines and wrinkles appearance reduced

Oxygen supply loaded into your dermis where it's needed the most long term

Instant skin volume effect

Botulinum toxin type strong muscular relaxation

Immediate signs of skin improvement with strong fast visible results and works over time

Reduces crows feet and eye wrinkles


Apply to cleansed face, neck and decolette.


FiFlow BTX infuses oxygen into the skin;
The magic ingredient Matrixyl 3000,
Triple Hyaluronic Acid System,
Pomegranate Seed Extract,
Seabuckthorn Extract,
Meadowfoam Seed Oil