Marine Collagen Anti Wrinkle Serum©


Contains Padina Pavonica, Laminaria Digitata, Porphyra Umbilicalis (Nori Extract), Argireline the super no injection wrinkle relaxer  and  Matrixyl® synthe’6™ Sederma’s most exciting and latest member all clinically proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and dramatically improve skin hydration and deliver radiant appearance.working like a face lift from the inside out!
Marine Collagen Anti Wrinkle Serum© is a revolutionary and high performance anti ageing serum containing the exotic marine extract Padina Pavonica, the exciting Laminaria Digitata and Porphyra Umbilicalis (Nori Extract),  all clinically proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a very short space of time. In addition Marine Collagen Anti Wrinkle Serum© also contains  Argireline the super no injection wrinkle relaxer  and   Matrixyl® synthe’6™  Sederma’s most exciting and latest member of the Matrixyl family and Triple Hyaluronic Acid along with other super botanicals.

The combination of these super highly effective active ingredients will result in a highly desirable healthier and younger more radiant looking skin

Combined skin benefits
  • Results in skin firmness and elasticity significantly increased
  • Skin’s appearance transformed
  • Dramatically and instantly increase hydration levels up to 100% used long term resulting in visible results in short space of time.
  • Greater free radical defense
  • Visible lifting of skin longer term through increased collagen support

Padina Pavonica is known as the youth active above all others and is a true youth treatment.  An exciting exotic rare marine algae active ingredient Padina Pavonica is hand picked in the deep waters of the Mediterranean known for the extraordinary richness of its marine life.  
Padina Pavonica has the ability to mimic the skin’s own function.  Hugely beneficial and with the ability to transform complexions in a short space of time; studies have shown Padina Pavonica to slow down the aging process.  It has the amazing ability to retain important moisture levels and acts within the deeper layers of the epidermis to restore and maintain these hydration levels and in turn restore the skin’s flexibility and elasticity. 
Padina Pavonica has the ability to stimulate the production of new collagen within your skin and will boost collagen levels providing younger and firmer looking skin and can restore the collagen support layer within the epidermis.  It can also help restore and repair damaged cells.
Padina Pavonica supplies advanced free radical protection which helps to protect your skin against future damage and has amazing antioxidant and anti-irritating properties.
Padina Pavonica has the ability to speed up skin cell renewal which means mature women can experience super smoother, clearer, younger looking skin; it significantly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and targets skin lacking elasticity and firmness and muscle tone.
In a nutshell Padina Pavonica is a super and highly effective high end and must have anti-ageing ingredient
Laminaria Digitata
Laminaria Digitata is a super hand picked marine brown algae ultra rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids vital to your skin’s health.  It has amazingly low molecular components which mean its efficacy enhances its skin’s benefits immensely.   It is deeply hydrating and moisturizing; and has the ability to balance the skin’s hydration in the deeper levels of the epidermis locking precious moisture in. 
A great skin rejuvenator Laminaria Digitata revitalizes tired looking skin and is a super anti-oxidant helping repair damage caused by free radicals and improves dull complexions and is known as a skin purifier.
In addition Laminaria Digitata stimulates the production of collagen in the skin; increases skin elasticity firming to the skin and helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles over time.
Porphyra Umbilicalis
Porphyra Umbilicalis is a power packed red algae that is harvested in the Western Mediterranean and other waters.  It has naturally UVA-absorbing properties essential for daily skin protection and defends the skin against photo-aging and DNA damage. 
Tremendously hydrating Porphyra Umbilicalis regenerates and nourishes the skin by strengthening the skin protective barrier. Porphyra Umbilicalis has oxygenating properties that helps revitalize stressed and fatigued skin.
In addition Porphyra Umbilicalis helps prevent appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Matrixyl® synthe’6™

Collagen or Hyaluronic acid injections are believed to be very efficient to fight wrinkles but some women fear that because of its invasiveness, pain generation and failure to achieve the expected results. Most women want to target wrinkles in a less drastic way but still want efficiency and precision. Matrixyl® synthe’6™ in Youth Absolute© Intense Hydrating Serum© fills in wrinkles from the inside both on the forehead and the crow’s feet for a visibly smoother and plumper skin.
  Argireline the super no injection wrinkle relaxer  

Sederma's latest Matrixyl - Matrixyl 6 Synthe works like a face lift from the inside out!

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